Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ebay Acquired Magento: Now it will be in X commerce initiative

Four years back, Magento inhabited in the world of open source content management systems and changes the entire way of online shopping with its useful and management friendly web applications.  The eventual rise in online shopping industry is also a noticeable factor of these last four years, but the reason of Magento’s domination among other online shopping friendly content management systems was the innovative approach.

After the sudden entry of Ebay by purchasing initially 49 percent and later 100 percent stake of Magento, the veteran web analysts have become concerned for the  innovativeness in Magento based CMS’s, which gifted it the award of 2009 Exciting Star’ Driving eCommerce Innovation, given by Exciting Commerce. As per the Ebays plan for Magento, it will be a part of eBay's new X.Commerce initiative. Thus, the coming future with Magento will be considerable.

Innovations that tagged it as Exciting Star for 2009

It is a known fact across the online arena, that Magento is the most innovative open source content management solution for online shopping websites. It has added numerous values increasing features in the online shopping industry such as category wise product management, auto generation of administrative reports, integration with paypal, and easy shipping options. All these features are mentioned below in detail to show the innovative side of Megento.

Category wise product Management: Since the releasing year, Magento is bringing innovative features and making online shopping experience better. In this way, it has contrived the category wise product management feature for online shoppers. With the use of this feature, the online retail shoppers can manage their long lines of products as per the categories. Thus, it makes the product management easy and time saving. 

Integration with Paypal: It has the integration with paypal. This feature of your website helps you in receiving payments from paypal payment gateway. Thus, you don’t need to drive paypal users to other payment gateways. 

Auto Generation of website administrative reports: It is one of the most innovative features of Magento based open source content management system. While using this CMS, you do not have the need to prepare web administrative reports, because it automatically prepares for the administrator. 

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