Monday, 3 December 2012

The Need of Developing a Drupal 7 Theme from Scratch

Theme customization in Drupal 7 might seem to be an enticing task but practically it can be quite intricate. If you take a look at even the most basic Drupal themes, you will be poised with host of complex PHP codes and convoluted CSS frameworks. With the entire theming process being so complicated, business owners prefer to hire drupal programmers for the task. As more and more businesses are getting themes customized from the scratch, one prime question continues to boggle several minds- what is the need to develop Drupal 7 themes from scratch?
Why Develop Drupal 7 Themes From Scratch?
You might feel that when thousands of Drupal themes are already existing, why create a completely fresh theme? Why shouldn’t you make iterations to existing themes and reduce your work load? Well, the explanation is pretty simple. Firstly, pre-existing Drupal themes are generic in nature. They include plenty of CSS, loads of region, left or right column or both, which makes them work. It is fine if it suits your requisites, but it does result in pile up of CSS and template files that are difficult to comprehend. There might be a lot of CSS that would render useless for your site, but you can’t remove it because you are not aware of exactly which functionality does it control. Customizing such a theme for your web portal can lead to waste of both time and money.
Secondly, as you utilize pre-built themes, you will not be able to gain a thorough understanding of the entire theme customization process. You won’t be able to explore and thus, you won’t be able to understand. Developing a theme from scratch will help you in gaining better understanding of the entire theming process.
By and large, building a new theme from scratch will prove more beneficial than using a pre-built theme. You can hire drupal programmers to work in association with you and develop a Drupal 7 theme that will suffice your requisites and will be in sync with your business domain. So, next time you think about developing a new theme, do it from scratch!

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