Monday, 30 December 2013

What all comes under Custom Joomla Development?

Today, Joomla has become one of the favorite web development platforms for developing web applications and websites. There’s no doubt on the fact that websites developed using Joomla fare quite well as compared to the ones developed using other web development platforms. The easy-to-use architecture of Joomla makes it a perfect fit for e-store owners who need to update their website on a regular basis. Today, through this blog I’ll be focusing on everything that comes under custom Joomla Development.

What is Custom Joomla Development?

Well, the term Custom Joomla Development refers to the web development technique wherein the client chooses to customize the look and feel of his/her yet-to-be-developed Joomla website. The website seeker provides a list of features and functionalities he/she wants to incorporate into his/her site. There’s a constant interaction between the client and the developer. The client offers crucial insights on how he/she wants his/her website to be developed. The constant communication between the client and developer gives birth to innovations that work wonders for the website. Joomla component development is a task that involves the hardwork and dedication of expert Joomla programmers.

What are Joomla Components?

Joomla components are functional units of Joomla that can be viewed as mini applications. All Joomla components have two main parts including an administrator part and a site part. While the administrator part provides an interface to configure different parts of the component, the site part is used to render pages when being called during the normal website operation. Joomla’s core components include:
  •     Contact Forms
  •     Web Links
  •     Content Management System
What all does Custom Joomla Development include?

Whenever business owners opt for customizing their Joomla site, they display their interest towards bringing in something new and innovative in their site. As an entrepreneur, it’s vital for you to understand your web development requirements. You need to prepare a list of functionalities and visual effects, you’re interested to include in your site. Below, I’ve segregated the website features that can be customized as per a custom Joomla development project:

Web Design- Choosing a perfect web design is quite crucial for ensuring the creation of a good website. You may choose from a range of web design options including: Single Page web design, Flat Web Design, Flash-enabled web design etc. I recommend you to choose a web design that’s in sync with what your site conveys. Never opt for a web design that’s appealing but doesn’t match with the theme of the website.

Color Scheme-
Web page color is yet another crucial aspect related to a website. If you’ve chosen to customize your Joomla site, it’s essential for you to choose a good color scheme for the web pages. The color of your web pages must be soothing to the eyes and in accordance to the theme chosen for the website.

Layout- This is considered to be the most important aspect of every website development project. Planning the layout for your website is a decision that needs to be taken in an intelligent manner. You cannot compromise over the quality of web layout for your site because this particular aspect helps in deciding the visual appearance for your website.

Typography- Web content’s font plays a crucial role in enhancing the site’s performance over the web. Internet users prefer going through a website that has original content that’s placed using a good font style. Website visitors can easily get disinterested in a particular web page if they find the page content to be hard-to-interpret.

Customizing your Joomla website can help you gather maximum traffic. All you need to do is be extremely cautious in choosing the right Joomla developer who’ll take care of your specific web requirements and deliver you a website that meets all your expectations.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

OSSMedia Ltd Adds to the Christmas Cheer by Announcing Large Discounts on its Services

This Christmas, OSSMedia promises to be the pleasure dome of companies/individuals looking to invest in open source software development. A leader in the open source software community, OSSMedia has announced a high value offer on the eve of Christmas. The highly sought-after service provider is offering a discount of 15% on its services to give its customers one more reason to surrender to the surrealism of the auspicious season.

This Christmas offer is set to catch the eye of a huge stack of service-seekers out there in the market, since OSSMedia is an established brand when it comes to services in the open source platforms. Their clients have incessantly vouched for the finesse of the services offered by OSSMedia, acknowledging at the same time that a partnership with the company is an investment in excellence.

The spokesperson of OSSMedia was quoted saying, ”The dexterity of services and a constant focus on innovation has been powering us to surge ahead of our competition. But along the way, we have always given highest precedence to our customers, and made sure the festival incentives and bonuses aren’t just meant for the employees. Customer indeed comes first at OSSMedia and staying true to our maxim, we are offering a 15% discount on each of our offerings”.

The OSSMedia services that the offer is valid on include:

  • WordPress Development
  • Joomla Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Magento Development
OSSMedia’s differentiator has been the intuitiveness of its professionals to ably understand the requirements of its clients, and also of the technology and business-challenges that clients are likely to face. OSSMedia guarantees a deep contemplation over the frequent and not-so-frequent discrepancies that might exist with the technology landscape of its client companies. The experts at OSSMedia provide an elaborative answer to every query raised. it involves a huge degree of inquisitiveness on their part before they design and deliver their services. The dedication to client’s success and application of cutting-edge technology has empowered them to create path-breaking service sets and set their clients’ feet on the growth curve.

About OSSMedia

Incepted 5 years ago, OSSMedia has blossomed into a highly trusted brand that is propelled by the visionaries of the highest degree. The company is supported by a workforce of over 250 highly motivated professionals who hold expertise in their respective domains. They have years of experience in developing dynamic and interactive solutions.

Corporate Address

525 Winton Rd. North, Rochester
New York, 14609 USA
Phone +1.315.512.2255

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Drupal 8: An open source CMS boasting outstanding features

Drupal is one of the thriving open source CMS in the current era. It offers the best facility to develop flexible, sophisticated and robust and social media networks, websites and applications. Additionally, it is well-known for its preeminent practices, frameworks and security features. This is the basic reason which is responsible for making it more flattering among various developers.
A drupal development company facilely bridges the security breaches as compared to another CMS available in the existing scenario. The Drupal’s developers module plays a vital role in whole development because such add-ons help in crafting remarkably amazing websites and applications. With the amendment in the technology, several of changes take place with Drupal also. Thus, Drupal has launched its latest version, that is, Drupal 8.
Astounding features of Drupal 8:
  • Mobile device compatibility:
In imminent years, mobile devices will radically reduce the usage of desktops. As soon as this time frame overlaps with development cycle of Drupal 8, it will become mandatory to develop Drupal mobile-ready.drupal-mobile
  • Receptive themes:
The default themes will be stumble upon by drupal programmer within latest versionwith good responses and making them to gear up so as to view across a plenty of devices such as laptops, tablets, desktops, mobile phones, smart phones and much more.
  • Authoring content:
Drupal has bestowed a push to the usability of content editing system for the real users and shifted onto other project. The usability team has ended this with lots of analysis at this platform and emerged with a chain of advices to restore content modification system of the CMS. It will engage rendering the users with an ability to preserve a post as draft that is separated from the published amendment, facelift of the content creation page and real preview of content.
  • Admin tools with mobile compatibility:
Drupal 8 arrived with the elucidation which has prototypes the problem of effectiveness of admin tools. All the default admin tools of CMS execute really well on big screens like laptops, but they are not so much valuable on small devices such as mobiles.
  • Front-end performance:
The backend performance of a website requires meticulous effects but 80% of a complicated request is served to the front-end. Furthermore, a mobile device acceded to a lower bandwidth and a weak processor. So, in order to generate swift responses, paying heed to front-end performance optimization becomes imperative.
All these updates have been made to Drupal 8 which has assisted the developers to work with high efficiency. The developers can bid high quality performance by working with this latest version.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to Find Industry Best Drupal Programmers

If you are going to hire an experienced programmer to create your website with Drupal then you have reached on a right article. In this way, you should follow all the steps mentioned in this article. For your information, Drupal is an open source web content management system. You can use distribute, and remold this tool easily. Thus, you do not need to pay anything in return of using this ultra modern CMS tool. It is a perfect tool for making all kinds of websites.
Make A Good Site With Drupal
It is a good question to ask because almost everybody knows that this is an interesting tool for making website but only few knows the way of making a giant site out of this tool. Technically, it allows object oriented coding. Therefore, you can easily create requirement-based feature for your business organization. You need to follow below given steps to hire a credible developer.
  • You should define your key requirements from your website in a lucid manner.
  • You should hire Drupal programmers of high standards.
  • You must sign an agreement with your programmers for the appropriate development of your website.
By following above bulleted tips, you will be able to take Drupal development services from excellent programmers.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Broadcast Your Contents Efficiently with Five Exclusive WP Plugins

In virtual world, WordPress is bless for all small-scale business owners, who want to make an interesting website but cannot afford the costing. With this CMS tool, they can eventually turn themselves into an online brand. For this purpose, they will require few plugins to distribute their web contents, to interact with social media users, to manage the website effectively, and to make the most from this open source web content management system. Therefore, if you are a WordPress user and looking for such plugins then you can explore these plugins below. In case, you do not like any of these plugins then you can hire a WordPress Developer for this purpose.
Digg Digg
Well, you might have read about this plugin earlier. It is an interesting plugin to add floating sharing bars in the content area. It carries all sharing buttons like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Pinterest, and Buffer. Moreover, you can make necessary changes in this plugin as per your custom requirements. 

Share This
With this plugin, your content readers can share your contents via email. Moreover, it also brings Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+, and Like buttons to circulate the contents across the web. You can make changes in the look & feel of the sharing bar. You can use small buttons with big captions and big buttons with small captions. 

Sexy Bookmarks
You will surely like to add this plugin right after reading about it. It is an interesting plugin, which lets you add an attractive social bookmarking tab in your website. So, you are going to love this plugin. 

With this plugin, you will be able add actionable social bookmarking buttons. You only need to download this plugin from web and install in your website. You can add a small message with these buttons. 
It also adds a floating bar around your website and blog content. It is a dynamic, fully customizable vertical box, which flies along with your blog post. Usually, it comes with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and LinkedIn but you can add as many buttons as you want. You can take WordPress customization services for making this plugin suitable for your blog, in case of massive blog site.
So, just choose any of these plugins and install in your website.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Key Ingredients to Turn a Dooming Magento E-commerce into Successful Venture

What makes an e-commerce website successful? It is a topic of a debate, an international seminar, the subject matter of a thesis and the most important question for a website owner of a dooming e-commerce business. Every business organization, engaged in online retailing business try to figure out the subtle reasons that decides the success & failure of an online commerce portal.
In a research, held on hundreds of e-commerce websites, it has been found that there are few ingredients that turns a site into a successful or dooming venture.
List What People Are Looking For
Usually, Magento site owners load up their websites with lots of thousands of products. Adding large quantity of products tempts them. However, it leaves a negative impact on the users. The customers do not want to use an online store, which market thousands of products. They simply want an e-commerce store, which can help them in getting what they want for their personal or professional usage. Therefore, you should not add numerous products, which do not exist in fashion. On the other hand, you should try to commence a short research for knowing the trending products in virtual market for enlisting in your website. You can take  Magento Development services to customize your product catalog.
Keep the Prices Luring
Selling products consistently is the bottom-line of e-commerce world. You need numerous online visitors regularly. Therefore, you should try to form a productive mechanism for keeping the prices of your store in line. If you are aware of price comparison sites then you might understand that how much young customers rely on these prime comparison sites. So, you should adopt a unique pricing policy, which should be well supported by frequent sale seasons. In this way, the overt display of discount offers makes sense.
Carry Unique Look & Feel
User interface is the first thing that tells the visitor to become a customer. So, you can ask your developer to create an impressive and memorable user interface. In simple words, you should try hard to make the customers utter ‘wow’ after getting through a purchase. Such reaction of your customers will ensure the productiveness of your store’s look & feel.
Sport High Quality Customer Service
Online retailing depends on trust. Therefore, you should sport a high standard of customer service. It will make your customers trust on your brand.
So, these ingredients can turn a dooming website into a successful venture of online retailing business.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Spam Comments Can Mar Your Drupal Blog’s Reputation

It is certainly true; spamming activities threatens the thriving reputation of your Drupal blog site. Usually, we do not understand the meaning of spam while interacting with our blog comments. It is hard to define that which comment is spam and which one is genuine. In simple words, the comments that carry promotional links, inappropriate reference with the post and generic contents can be referred as spam comments. However, a majority of Joomla users find it difficult to deal with spam comments manually. Therefore, such users can take help from some selected modules to get their site away from robotic spammers as well as human spammers.

Our Adorable CAPTCHA

It has been the most helpful technical mate of Drupal based bloggers. With the help of this tool, a Drupal site and blog can save itself from the probable risk of attracting human spammers and spam bots. It places a response test right before the final submission button of web forms. The specific placement of these response tests ensures the commentator’s human existence. In simple words, it prevents a blog from spam bots.

RecaptchaThe RECAPTCHA

With all previous virtues, the RECAPTCHA is an extended version of its ancestor CAPTCHA. You can get this module to keep your site free from evil spammers.


In simple words, you will not have to worry about spam related stuffs after installing this module in your website. It successfully detects and filter the spam comments from the genuine ones to keep the comment section genuine authentic.

The SpamSpan

This module follows a special process of detecting spam from the comment moderation section. Technically, it detects the email addresses to filter the human generated comments and spam-bot generated comments.


Apart from these modules, you can also try Mollom, which is an impressive module to get rid off with this issue of spam comment problem. However, the spam detection process of this module is a bit irritating for an average user. For example, it notices user repetition, text analysis, and image & audio CAPTCHA’s.

These multipronged efforts save a Drupal site from being spammed by spam bots.
By picking anyone of previously mentioned module, you can save your site from spammers.

Visit OSSMedia Ltd for offshore Drupal development services and find the experienced Drupal Programmer at best prices

Monday, 27 May 2013

Save Your E-Brand from HTML Doomsday With Drupal

Virtual world looks like a ruined city to business organizations when they start losing their momentum. Nowadays, virtual survival has become a big question for business organizations. All HTML based online brands are heading towards virtual extinction because customers are looking for content rich websites. And, you as a site owner cannot update your site regularly due to long & tiring content uploading process of HTML. You will have to have an ultramodern content management system in your website for increasing the strength of your website. Here are five simple tips that can help you in improvising your online brand. 

Deploy Drupal In Your Website 

In case, you are not aware with this tool then let me remind you that this is the finest open source web content management system available over web. You must understand the resourcefulness of this CMS tool before deploying in your website. 

Analyze Drupal 

You need to analyze the attributes of this tool before taking Drupal development services for creation of your website. It will be a simple process. You just need to stand by the side of your programmers. However, you can only do in case of local development. So, keep reading to know that how you should go further in transformation of your online brand from a static site to a content rich portal. 

Adorn Your Site with Design 

Design is one of the most important factors that decide the fate of a website. You just need to understand the likes and dislikes of your targeted customers while giving a perfect look & feel to your website. It will be a simple process by taking Drupal theme development services. 

Get Customized

You should also try to add custom tools in your website. The custom tools will help you in catering your customers in a right manner. 

Test Your Site

After getting through with all these steps, you just need to test the quality of your website. While testing, you should try to analyze the utility of your website. Moreover, you should also try to understand the main reasons behind the possible errors in your website.

So, just follow these steps in a productive and time efficient manner for best results.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Five Odds That Can Save Your Joomla Outsourcing Cost By 50%

If you are really trying to reduce the cost of your outsourcing process then you have reached on a right blog post. You just need to follow some odd tips to decrease the cost of your Joomla development.

1. Take Benefit from Open Source 

Well, you can easily take benefit from the open source nature of Joomla. This open source web content management is as resourceful as the enterprise ones. Therefore, you can save a big amount by choosing this CMS tool. Moreover, you can find multiple freebie extensions over web. So, you will not have to pay for everything you use in your website.

2. Schedule Your Dates in Advance 

Right before approaching your developers, you should try to include the timeline of Joomla development in your proposed schedule. You must give the proper space to the development of your website in your schedule.

3. Don’t Waste Valuable Business Hours

Sometimes, business owners waste their valuable business hours and booked hours of their hired developer due to mismanagement of time. Therefore, you should plan everything in advance to ensure the least possible wastage of time.

4. Never Confuse Your Developer 

As a thumb rule in outsourcing, you should never try to confuse your customers. It will simply increase the costing of your web development. Therefore, you should better try to share your ideas in a managed manner. Considerably, the website owners and managers should share their ideas right before the stage of coding.

5. Involve Yourself In Development Process 

You must involve yourself in the programming of your website. It will be an interesting journey for you. In this way, you can ask for a regular, weekly, or fortnightly update from your developers.

By following these odd tips, you can save your web development cost by 50%. So, just follow these tips and reduce your offshore Joomla development cost dramatically.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Stop Scaring? WordPress is Secured Just Demands Attentiveness

You might have read and watched news over rising hacking attempts on WordPress websites. Yeah! That attacks were scary. 90000 IP addresses were hacked from the factual point of views. This incident inclined a majority of users to avoid going with WordPress. Nowadays, a vast circle of website managers and online business owners are looking at WP with fearful eyes and taking it as insecure web application. But it is not the truth. WordPress is one of the most secured web applications available as freebie. However, it demands attentiveness. Therefore, you can still think about dealing with WordPress developer for developing an interactive online identity. In this way, you just need to take some precautions while using your website.
Use Offshore Developers
At first, you should think about taking offshore WordPress development services. You just need to understand a fact that your website demands professional installation of ready-made and custom plugins. By going with offshore developers, you will be able to add international standard features in your website. You will just have the need to share the specific demands of your website. In return, your programmers will create an impeccable WP site for your website. Therefore, you should prefer to take professional services from overseas programmers. Your offshore programmers will also test your website in accordance of international software testing parameters, which will ensure least possible chances of loopholes in your website.
Change Your Admin
It is one of the most easily traceable flaws in WP websites. You can see a plenty of websites with the default user called Admin. You should try to understand that you are providing an easy access to unethical hackers for stealing the important from your website by using default admin. You just need to change the Admin name so that potential hackers think twice before hacking your website. Technically, hackers try to use multiple keywords like ‘iloveyou’, ‘password’, ‘WordPress’, ‘iamnumberone’, and ‘luckyboy’. Therefore, you should increase the security of your website by deleting the default user called ‘Admin’. For this purpose, you will have to reach at the ‘USERS’ tab of your WordPress dashboard. On reaching at user tab, you just need to create a new user with private name and password. After creating new users, you should log out of Admin profile. At the last, you need to complete the process of changing Admin by logging in from new user and delete the default one.
After developing your website from professional programmers and deleting default Admin profile, you will be able to save your website from all possible hacking related hazardous. You just need to follow these steps precisely to ensure the optimum security of your website.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Five Simple Tricks to Pamper Tricky Online Buyers

You may be running out of time for launching your online shopping portal; big scale business organizations also prefer to avoid customers while creating their online shopping stores. In case, you are also ignoring the customers while giving the final touch to your online shopping store then you should follow below given tricks to pamper your customers. 
Understand Your Customers
It is the first and foremost trick to grab the attention of your customers. Fortunately, you are not alone in this world of online shopping. Numerous big scale online shopping stores are investing hugely for becoming top rated online shopping stores of their category. Therefore, you need to use an odd way to find the road to success in this industry. In this way, you can devote your time and energy in understanding the buying behavior of targeted customers. In simple words, online customers use an online shopping store due to authenticity and comfortable buying. Therefore, the better understanding your customer’s need will help you in putting your business offers in a productive way.
Call to Action Element
You should add ‘call to action’ elements in your Magento website’s look & feel. The addition of call to action elements will help you in catching the flickering eyeballs of your targeted customers. Such elements tempt online buyers to take suggested actions.
Beautify Your Store’s Graphics
During custom Magento development, you should lay maximum focus on your site’s look & feel. The website should add all needed stuffs like interactive colors and interesting graphical elements. Apart from this, you should also optimize the design of your online shopping store as per the recent search algorithms of leading search engines.
Go Customer Driven
It will be the most important need of your online shopping site. You should try to load your store with customer driven products. It will of no use to display products that are not usable for your targeted customers.
Keep Updated
It is the last trick in this series. You need to keep your online store updated from latest product lines and innovative technologies. The technically sound online shopping stores grab the attention of targeted buyers in a simple manner.
So, you just need to follow these tricks for keeping your Magento store ready for remarkable online success. You should understand the value of above-mentioned tricks for the success of your online shopping store.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Customize Your WP Site As You Feed Your Kitten

Don’t surprise! Wordpress customization is as simple as feeding your kitten. You can make your WP website interactive in an easy manner. You should pour your unconditional love on your virtual presence as you do on your kitten. It is simple.
Technically, WordPress is a PHP using open source web content management system, which is open to all kinds of changes and customization. Therefore, you just need to use your passion in giving a new and improvised look to your website. Further, you can know more about the customization in below given paragraphs.
Layout Customization
You cannot deny with the fact that you pour your love on your kitten just because of her cute faces and dedication towards you. Therefore, you can understand that your website should also behave genuinely with targeted visitors like a kitten. So, you can give an interactive layout to your website by keeping the targeted users in mind. In this way, you should add ‘call to action’ element in your WP website. You can take the examples from ‘ticket booking’ and ‘online shopping sites’. Such sites use graphical elements like “Book Your Seats Now!” and “Sale is on”. Such call to action elements help business websites in grabbing the maximum attention of their targeted customers. Therefore, you should create a custom look of your WordPress website in a systematic manner.
Home Page Features
A majority of WP users thinks that functional customization requires the installation of few top rated WordPress plugins but it is not the truth. You need to understand that the process of functional customization should be especially contrived and implemented professionally. Via this way, you can add customer-driven front-end features in your website for enabling your targeted users to access your website in a better way. After devising intelligent home-page functionalities, you can move on to create special additions in your website. The home page functionalities should be simple in nature.
Backend Customization
On looking at back-end customization factor, you should try to add special plugins in your WordPress website. The back-end plugins increase the speed of a WP website. Therefore, you should try to choose only usable plugins in your website instead of cluttering your WP site with plugins. The useful plugins will give the supersonic loading speed of your website. In this way, you will be able to help your online visitors in browsing your web pages in a simple and flexible manner.
By reading about WordPress Customization in above paragraphs, you will be able to improve the impact of your WP site in a simple and cost-effective manner

Thursday, 28 March 2013

5 Drupal Modules: You’ll Love to Furbish Your Drupal Site

Well! It is really a matter of chaos. There are over 5000 modules, available in only Drupal module directory that provides these modules as a freebie to all users of this open source web content management system. Before going further to speak about the five most loved Drupal modules, it will be better to speak a bit about application and usage of modules in Drupal. Technically, Drupal is a set of modules, which works collaboratively to render particular services in form of web management. You can create all kinds of websites and web portals just by installing a suitable tool in a Drupal site. In case, you like to create a social networking website with Drupal then you will have to add a social networking module in your website. There are multiple other such modules, which works differently as per the specific need of the site.

It is the most simple and an essential module for creation of list of contents. You can get the queries, which will be based on your complex database. With the help of this module, you can easily format the generic output. Moreover, the web development with this module will decrease the time of development. Furthermore, it will also enhance the functional stature of your website.

#-2. WebForm
So, if you are looking for a module, which can help you in making all kinds of forms then this will be the best one. It will help you in making all kinds of web forms in your website right from the text area, check box, file upload, your name, etc.

It is one of most cherished and loved Drupal Modules for adding WYSIWYG functionality. In case, you wanted to look what you are writing on your screen. Moreover, you can also make changes in the features of this Module to upgrade the module to an upper version.

#-4. Menu Block
It is a perennial problem that we face usually while creating new pages. We create menu settings each time whenever we create pages. After installing this module, you will be able to easily get your jobs done in a impressive manner.

#-5. Pathauto
If you like to bring organic traffic in your website then this module will help you in a great manner. It will give full control over URL of your web pages. You will be able to create search engine friendly URLs in an easy manner.

You can pick any one of your suitable modules and install in your website. It will help you in registering a new mark of success in your own business domain. In case, the given modules are not helpful for you then you approach an experienced drupal development company for development of custom modules for your website.  

Friday, 22 March 2013

Introducing Business Accounts From At $299 Per Site Per Year from Automattic recently launched for Business. This means now your business can have a unique and exclusive account. By paying a mere $299 per site per year, you can own business accounts that will include support for custom web fonts, advanced web design tools, unlimited storage for videos and audio, 50 premium themes and live chat support. Moreover, the users of this account will get a free domain name for their websites powered by
Several features introduced in this package can also be found in’s $99 per year Pro Bundle, however features such as premium themes, live chat support and unlimited storage are available exclusively for the Business account holders. Or they are available for those users who have enrolled for company's higher-priced versions,i.e., VIP and Enterprise versions. Freedom from advertisements is another advantage that the Business accounts render.
Business customers will be receiving support services during the EST timings i.e. the US business hours. And if you need some additional support while customizing your business portal with, you will be able to call upon a “Happiness Engineer” to help you in the hour of need and bring about some happiness for you.
With the launch of these business accounts, it has become quite evident that is targeting small-scale and medium-scale business organizations. However, while announcing the accounts the company noted that these accounts can prove beneficial even for a non-profit that is launching its first web venture or a professional blogger who wishes to try out handful of premium themes before finalizing onto any one.
The cost of one premium theme at is estimated $50 each and the largest upgrade for storage space is available at $290 per year, so businesses that deal in Wordpress development services and regularly need these features can now subscribe for these new Business Accounts and save some bucks.

Monday, 11 March 2013

3 Steps to Rod Up an E-Commerce with Custom Features

You may be aware with the sovereignty of Magento in open source world for e-commerce tools. It is the most favored web content management system, which is known for simplifying tough e-commerce management tasks. Magento has all the features, which help you in catering your customers in a right manner. You as a Magento user just need to understand the distinguish needs of your online shopping site beforehand associating with an experienced open source tool. On defining the very needs of your online shopping site, you can jump on the development stage of your e-commerce tool. 

Conduct a Market Research
You should certainly conduct a market research to make a record of ongoing industry updates, enhancements, and technological requirements of your business industry. You can study the trending features in rival online shopping sites and reasons behind success & failure of particular stores. This research will give you enough details to ideate, plan, and create a written synopsis of needful website functionalities. While writing your synopsis, you should keep customer’s interest in mind because it will make your functionality useful for your aimed customers. Moreover, you should also try to introduce the custom features in your e-commerce site for making your site as much usable as you can.
Share Your Research with Your Coder
After getting over from the research session, you should share the outputs of your research with your coders to make them understand the distinguish needs of your e-commerce tool. It will help your programmers to create custom tools for your e-commerce store. The addition of custom tools increases the overall usability and resourcefulness of an online shopping store made using Magento. Therefore, you should certainly take Custom Magento development services for adding high quality features in your e-commerce website.
Never Forget Testing
Given the fact that Magento is an open source CMS tool and extensions comes from third party developers. Therefore, you cannot be so sure about the quality of such extensions. However, you can select the option of testing. The proper testing will refine your online shopping site and help you in getting rid off from possible vulnerable threats.
In order to take custom Magento development services, you should personally be very active in customization process. You should shoulder the responsibility of contriving innovative features for your site. It will ensure the high usability of your online shopping site for customers.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

See How WordPress Can Thrive Your Real Estate Business

If you are looking for web solutions to increase the reach of your real estate business then you can use WordPress. It will be useless to talk about technical aspects of this open source web content management system. It is certainly a globally celebrated CMS tool for developing multipronged web solutions.
However, you may be looking for a post, which can elaborate that how WordPress can be helpful in making a successful real-estate business promotion website. If you have landed on this page with this intention then you will surely get profitable. Currently, WordPress reserves a lion’s share in total CMS enabled websites of the world. The special web architecture of this open source web content management system allows the coder to create custom features for a website. Therefore, it can certainly help you in creating a highly competent website.
WordPress For Real-estate Industry
By taking credible wordpress customization services, you can get exclusive features for your real estate website. You will surely be aware with the fact that the evolution of web technologies has decreased the scope of in person visit in multiple business industries. You as a real estate agent or developer are required to create a virtual presence for your website. It will help you in targeting your virtual customers in a right manner with a more scalable approach.
With WP, you can have multiple exclusive features in your real-estate website. For example, you can have content filtering feature. This feature will help your online visitors to find the property of their needs. Technically, you will store all of your property listings in your website but when a client will come over you site. Your site will give the option to find his or her fit from your website database.
This is just a simple feature that can increase the rankings of your website rapidly. Further, you can devise innovative features and share with your coders to add in your website.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Monotones Magento Is Useless, Try Customization

It is extremely necessary for you to realize the value of customized extensions in case of online shopping portal. Online buyers always try to experience something innovative and exclusive yet authentic in their online shopping experiences. Thus, it is required to understand the phenomenal value of adding unique and customized shopping features in your website. If you are in process of developing an online shopping store with Magento or running a Magento e-commerce store then this post is highly useful for you.
For New-Comers
In case, you are just starting the process of developing an online shopping portal using Magento then you should take required steps to add exclusiveness in your site. For this purpose, you should devise new ideas of exclusive shopping features to make online shopping a comfortable and memorable experience. On looking out in web sphere, you will find hundreds of e-commerce stores fighting for securing high number of online visitors. This competition is tending e-commerce stores to deliver their products at less estimated prices, which is certainly not a good business practice. As per the studies, it has been found that online stores with custom features scores higher than that of monotones ones. Therefore, you should add custom features to make e-shopping simple and interesting at your store.
For-Existing Players
It is also important for existing Magento users to update their e-commerce stores with customized features. The addition of custom shopping features will add the momentum of existing stores. Therefore, online storeowners should think about it. However, it is important to consider current state of e-commerce store like popularity and customer interaction before giving shape or installing custom extensions. Technically, new extensions can mar the existing store’s performance in case of confliction with existing features. Therefore, it will be a wise decision to study the store’s current state before giving the makeover.
In this way, if you hail from the category one of new Magento users then you should follow your business understanding before take magento customization. On the other hand, users from second category will have to study their store first before giving shape to custom extensions.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Make Your Site Using WP! It deserves Your Trust

In the wake of economic slowdown, it has become tough for business organizations to afford enterprise editions of content management systems to make their websites resourceful. In this way, the open source software applications are emerging as the boon to such business organizations. You are only required to take help of a developer to install this resourceful CMS tool in your site. Some of the key features of this tool are mentioned below:
It Makes You Searchable! There is no doubt that WordPress is the most search engine friendly web content management system. You will not find such search engine friendliness in other content management systems. The web architecture of this open source content management system allows you to keep your website’s graphical element search engine friendly. Moreover, you should also create the content of your site while keeping search engine needs in minds. It will help you in publishing SEO friendly contents.
Web Management Is Fun: Believe it or not But it is true! It is the most simply operable open source web content management system in the web sphere. You will love to post frequently and publish the contents personally on your site. You even do not need to learn any programming language to make changes in the installed functionalities of your site. You just need to switch on or off particular settings to enable or disable from the front-end of your website.
It Is Ready To Change
You will be surprised with the flexibility of your web architecture. You can make desirable changes in your website. For this purpose, you would have the need to take the services of an excelled coder. Such resourceful will help you in creating the custom features for your wordpress development site.
After reading all these features of this open source web content management system, you can think about incorporation of this tool in your site.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Make a finer Website Using WordPress

Yeah! You are correct. WordPress is the most used open source web content management system. Currently, it powers up more than 55% of total CMS using websites of the world.

Moreover, it is powering up some about 17 % of top one million sites as per the recent reports of These stats signify the growing percentage of WP users and its high adaptability for making simply operable websites. Apart from this, you should also be aware with the fact that it has the most search engine friendly web architecture. You are only required to keep your site ready with keyword rich contents.
In your process of earning golden ranks at leading search engines, you should create meaningful contents for your sites. Moreover, you should create keyword rich contents for your site. In this way, you should keep the meaningfulness of content in your mind while adding keywords in your web content. It will help you in attracting a large number of organic searchers on your site.
You can create multiple blogs and sites using this open-source web management system. It will help you in publishing a large amount of data via your blog. You can easily publish annual meeting details, quarter end financial details. Such blogging will help you in communication with your existing and potential customers.
After reading above-mentioned features of this open source web content management tool, you can understand the quality features of this CMS tool. You just need to approach a wordpress development company. The services of such company will help you in incorporating this CMS tool in your site. These services will also help you to create custom Plugins and extensions from scratch to enable out-of-the-box settings in your website. Further, you should ask your coder to test your site in accordance with internationally known software testing parameters. It will ensure glitch-less operation of your site.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Amplify the Usability of Your E-commerce Store With Customization

Owing to innovative online shopping features, Magento has gained an unseen demand in open source world. It is highly customizable in nature. You can get almost all features of enterprise edition by creating custom extensions. Some of the most needful features are mentioned below:
Customer segmentation: With Magento open source edition, you will be able to segregate your e-commerce stores in various segments. This segmentation will help your customers in reaching at the appropriate section for finding a particular product. You only need to create a custom extension for enabling this feature in your website.
Return Management: You can apply a custom return management policy. For this purpose, you can ask your coder to develop custom return management extension for your e-commerce store. It will allow you to tag a particular product as returnable or non-returnable. This will establish better relations between you and your customers.
Custom Landing Pages: Sometimes online shopping stores put some products on sale. Therefore, you can make an extension for creating custom landing pages. It will help you in heightening your sales turnovers.
Product Suggestion Tool: This tool plays an important role in increasing the sales of your virtual store. You can ask your developer to create a custom Magento extension for this feature. This extension will display related products as suggestions to online buyers while their purchase.
Ratings & Reviews: In current scenario, online buyers take the decision of buying something online after reading reviews and ratings. A custom extension will allow your customers to rate a particular product and write a review for the products.
Private Sales: It is an important customization for your shopping portal. It will allow the customer to create a private account in your website and purchase privately.
These customized extensions will help you in giving more strength to your online shopping store. You will be able to make your store more usable for the targeted customers. you just need to take custom magento development for incorporating these features in your store.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rocket Your Business Growth With WordPress

The ever-increasing business competition is tending business organizations to have maximum market share to sustain an impressive position in their domains. This ongoing situation is inspiring commercial entities to set up their virtual faces. Considerably, the online presentation plays an important part in the modern day customer orientation. There are multiple web technologies to set up an impressive online identity. These web technologies are parted in open source projects and enterprise solutions. In case of open source projects, you can use WordPress to build an impressive online identity of your organization. You can hire wordpress developers for this purpose.
WordPress is one of the most trusted open source web content management systems. You can make numerous web sites and blogs using this CMS tool. You can grab the attention of your potential online customers for your business offerings. Some of the other factors of this tool are written below:
Simple Web Management: It is the most user-friendly web management system. You do not need to aware with PHP for managing your website or blog. You should be aware with the process of social media account management. This understanding will help you in publishing the resourceful and meaningful contents in your website. Apart from this, you can also timeline your account publishing scheduled by installing few Plugins. After this, you will not have the need to remember dates for posting new content on your web site. The CMS tool will automatically notify you about the time of posting new contents.
Search Engine Optimization: There are no doubts that it has the most search engine friendly open source web architecture. This search engine friendly web architecture keeps your website pages optimized for leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can use multiple tags, back links, and keywords in your web site and blog content. The tool will notify you to make necessary search engine friendly changes in your website while uploading new contents. So, it is highly helpful for naïve users.
Social Media Integration: After installing this tool, you can integrate your website with top rated social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This integration will develop a bridge between your website and your social media handles. It will bring large volume online customers on your website. Apart from this, you can also manage your social media profiles with your wordpress content management system. So, it helps in implementing your online marketing campaigns.
You can understand the resourceful features of WP after reading afore said paragraphs. These features speak about the adaptability of this open source web content management system for building an impressive business website. Business sites should be leveraged with meaningful and keyword rich contents to convey information over web. An impressive business website helps an organization in catering its customer base in a better and scalable manner. This open source tools is suitable for publishing all kinds of contents. In case of security concerns, the business organization can make specific arrangements to ensure the high security of business documents.