Thursday, 28 March 2013

5 Drupal Modules: You’ll Love to Furbish Your Drupal Site

Well! It is really a matter of chaos. There are over 5000 modules, available in only Drupal module directory that provides these modules as a freebie to all users of this open source web content management system. Before going further to speak about the five most loved Drupal modules, it will be better to speak a bit about application and usage of modules in Drupal. Technically, Drupal is a set of modules, which works collaboratively to render particular services in form of web management. You can create all kinds of websites and web portals just by installing a suitable tool in a Drupal site. In case, you like to create a social networking website with Drupal then you will have to add a social networking module in your website. There are multiple other such modules, which works differently as per the specific need of the site.

It is the most simple and an essential module for creation of list of contents. You can get the queries, which will be based on your complex database. With the help of this module, you can easily format the generic output. Moreover, the web development with this module will decrease the time of development. Furthermore, it will also enhance the functional stature of your website.

#-2. WebForm
So, if you are looking for a module, which can help you in making all kinds of forms then this will be the best one. It will help you in making all kinds of web forms in your website right from the text area, check box, file upload, your name, etc.

It is one of most cherished and loved Drupal Modules for adding WYSIWYG functionality. In case, you wanted to look what you are writing on your screen. Moreover, you can also make changes in the features of this Module to upgrade the module to an upper version.

#-4. Menu Block
It is a perennial problem that we face usually while creating new pages. We create menu settings each time whenever we create pages. After installing this module, you will be able to easily get your jobs done in a impressive manner.

#-5. Pathauto
If you like to bring organic traffic in your website then this module will help you in a great manner. It will give full control over URL of your web pages. You will be able to create search engine friendly URLs in an easy manner.

You can pick any one of your suitable modules and install in your website. It will help you in registering a new mark of success in your own business domain. In case, the given modules are not helpful for you then you approach an experienced drupal development company for development of custom modules for your website.  

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