Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Customize Your WP Site As You Feed Your Kitten

Don’t surprise! Wordpress customization is as simple as feeding your kitten. You can make your WP website interactive in an easy manner. You should pour your unconditional love on your virtual presence as you do on your kitten. It is simple.
Technically, WordPress is a PHP using open source web content management system, which is open to all kinds of changes and customization. Therefore, you just need to use your passion in giving a new and improvised look to your website. Further, you can know more about the customization in below given paragraphs.
Layout Customization
You cannot deny with the fact that you pour your love on your kitten just because of her cute faces and dedication towards you. Therefore, you can understand that your website should also behave genuinely with targeted visitors like a kitten. So, you can give an interactive layout to your website by keeping the targeted users in mind. In this way, you should add ‘call to action’ element in your WP website. You can take the examples from ‘ticket booking’ and ‘online shopping sites’. Such sites use graphical elements like “Book Your Seats Now!” and “Sale is on”. Such call to action elements help business websites in grabbing the maximum attention of their targeted customers. Therefore, you should create a custom look of your WordPress website in a systematic manner.
Home Page Features
A majority of WP users thinks that functional customization requires the installation of few top rated WordPress plugins but it is not the truth. You need to understand that the process of functional customization should be especially contrived and implemented professionally. Via this way, you can add customer-driven front-end features in your website for enabling your targeted users to access your website in a better way. After devising intelligent home-page functionalities, you can move on to create special additions in your website. The home page functionalities should be simple in nature.
Backend Customization
On looking at back-end customization factor, you should try to add special plugins in your WordPress website. The back-end plugins increase the speed of a WP website. Therefore, you should try to choose only usable plugins in your website instead of cluttering your WP site with plugins. The useful plugins will give the supersonic loading speed of your website. In this way, you will be able to help your online visitors in browsing your web pages in a simple and flexible manner.
By reading about WordPress Customization in above paragraphs, you will be able to improve the impact of your WP site in a simple and cost-effective manner

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