Thursday, 23 May 2013

Five Odds That Can Save Your Joomla Outsourcing Cost By 50%

If you are really trying to reduce the cost of your outsourcing process then you have reached on a right blog post. You just need to follow some odd tips to decrease the cost of your Joomla development.

1. Take Benefit from Open Source 

Well, you can easily take benefit from the open source nature of Joomla. This open source web content management is as resourceful as the enterprise ones. Therefore, you can save a big amount by choosing this CMS tool. Moreover, you can find multiple freebie extensions over web. So, you will not have to pay for everything you use in your website.

2. Schedule Your Dates in Advance 

Right before approaching your developers, you should try to include the timeline of Joomla development in your proposed schedule. You must give the proper space to the development of your website in your schedule.

3. Don’t Waste Valuable Business Hours

Sometimes, business owners waste their valuable business hours and booked hours of their hired developer due to mismanagement of time. Therefore, you should plan everything in advance to ensure the least possible wastage of time.

4. Never Confuse Your Developer 

As a thumb rule in outsourcing, you should never try to confuse your customers. It will simply increase the costing of your web development. Therefore, you should better try to share your ideas in a managed manner. Considerably, the website owners and managers should share their ideas right before the stage of coding.

5. Involve Yourself In Development Process 

You must involve yourself in the programming of your website. It will be an interesting journey for you. In this way, you can ask for a regular, weekly, or fortnightly update from your developers.

By following these odd tips, you can save your web development cost by 50%. So, just follow these tips and reduce your offshore Joomla development cost dramatically.

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