Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Stop Scaring? WordPress is Secured Just Demands Attentiveness

You might have read and watched news over rising hacking attempts on WordPress websites. Yeah! That attacks were scary. 90000 IP addresses were hacked from the factual point of views. This incident inclined a majority of users to avoid going with WordPress. Nowadays, a vast circle of website managers and online business owners are looking at WP with fearful eyes and taking it as insecure web application. But it is not the truth. WordPress is one of the most secured web applications available as freebie. However, it demands attentiveness. Therefore, you can still think about dealing with WordPress developer for developing an interactive online identity. In this way, you just need to take some precautions while using your website.
Use Offshore Developers
At first, you should think about taking offshore WordPress development services. You just need to understand a fact that your website demands professional installation of ready-made and custom plugins. By going with offshore developers, you will be able to add international standard features in your website. You will just have the need to share the specific demands of your website. In return, your programmers will create an impeccable WP site for your website. Therefore, you should prefer to take professional services from overseas programmers. Your offshore programmers will also test your website in accordance of international software testing parameters, which will ensure least possible chances of loopholes in your website.
Change Your Admin
It is one of the most easily traceable flaws in WP websites. You can see a plenty of websites with the default user called Admin. You should try to understand that you are providing an easy access to unethical hackers for stealing the important from your website by using default admin. You just need to change the Admin name so that potential hackers think twice before hacking your website. Technically, hackers try to use multiple keywords like ‘iloveyou’, ‘password’, ‘WordPress’, ‘iamnumberone’, and ‘luckyboy’. Therefore, you should increase the security of your website by deleting the default user called ‘Admin’. For this purpose, you will have to reach at the ‘USERS’ tab of your WordPress dashboard. On reaching at user tab, you just need to create a new user with private name and password. After creating new users, you should log out of Admin profile. At the last, you need to complete the process of changing Admin by logging in from new user and delete the default one.
After developing your website from professional programmers and deleting default Admin profile, you will be able to save your website from all possible hacking related hazardous. You just need to follow these steps precisely to ensure the optimum security of your website.

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