Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Spam Comments Can Mar Your Drupal Blog’s Reputation

It is certainly true; spamming activities threatens the thriving reputation of your Drupal blog site. Usually, we do not understand the meaning of spam while interacting with our blog comments. It is hard to define that which comment is spam and which one is genuine. In simple words, the comments that carry promotional links, inappropriate reference with the post and generic contents can be referred as spam comments. However, a majority of Joomla users find it difficult to deal with spam comments manually. Therefore, such users can take help from some selected modules to get their site away from robotic spammers as well as human spammers.

Our Adorable CAPTCHA

It has been the most helpful technical mate of Drupal based bloggers. With the help of this tool, a Drupal site and blog can save itself from the probable risk of attracting human spammers and spam bots. It places a response test right before the final submission button of web forms. The specific placement of these response tests ensures the commentator’s human existence. In simple words, it prevents a blog from spam bots.

RecaptchaThe RECAPTCHA

With all previous virtues, the RECAPTCHA is an extended version of its ancestor CAPTCHA. You can get this module to keep your site free from evil spammers.


In simple words, you will not have to worry about spam related stuffs after installing this module in your website. It successfully detects and filter the spam comments from the genuine ones to keep the comment section genuine authentic.

The SpamSpan

This module follows a special process of detecting spam from the comment moderation section. Technically, it detects the email addresses to filter the human generated comments and spam-bot generated comments.


Apart from these modules, you can also try Mollom, which is an impressive module to get rid off with this issue of spam comment problem. However, the spam detection process of this module is a bit irritating for an average user. For example, it notices user repetition, text analysis, and image & audio CAPTCHA’s.

These multipronged efforts save a Drupal site from being spammed by spam bots.
By picking anyone of previously mentioned module, you can save your site from spammers.

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