Wednesday, 2 April 2014

An insight into 5 common mistakes made by Joomla programmers

Nowadays, Joomla has become one of the popularly used content management systems across the globe. Irrespective of the web development requirement, Joomla CMS has been effectively utilized by web developers, both amateurs as well as professionals. Although Joomla is being used for developing blogs, business websites and online stores, it has much more in store for people whose business revolves around the internet. In this blog, I'll be covering 5 of the most common mistakes that are being made even by the experienced Joomla programmers.
Mistake No.1- Copy pasting content from MS Word
Out of habit, MS Word is being used by web developers for copy pasting content to the Joomla editor. Well, this is a common mistake made by Joomla programmers and can easily affect the font of your site's content and decrease the search engine ranking of your website. Hence, it is recommended to copy the content into a notepad instead of copying it directly to the Joomla editor.
Mistake No.2- Not resizing the images
Usually Joomla developers tend to upload images in their original size. Doing this slows down the page loading time. Hence, it is suggested to resize all the images using image editors prior to uploading them to Joomla.
Mistake No.3-Not paying attention to the security aspect
Custom Joomla Development appears as an easy task for Joomla developers and out of this confidence they tend to ignore the security aspect of the website. The Joomla coders need to be very particular about the usage of all the necessary plugins that can ensure complete safety and security of the website. Search engines prefer indexing websites that include high security measures.
Mistake No.4- Keeping the default username as it is
During implementing custom Joomla development task, most of the Joomla programmers don't care about changing the default username from 'admin' to something that's hard to crack. This is yet another common mistake that's holding back Joomla developers from attaining new heights of success. Hackers find it easy to hack a site that contains the username as 'admin'. Since the username is already known to them, they can easily hack the password. The process becomes even more simpler if the Joomla coder has set the password as a name or birth date.
Mistake No.5- Opening a new page within an existing pop-up window
A website comprises of two types of links viz. external and internal. Usually the Joomla coders opt for opening a new page within an existing pop-up window. This is a phenomenon that can easily turn off the website visitors and they may choose to navigate to an entirely different website. Hence, it is recommended to design the website in a manner that on clicking an external link, the new page opens in a new window. Doing this will enable the customers to stay on the website for a much longer duration of time. Yet another crucial aspect that needs to be considered by Joomla developers is eliminating broken links. If any broken links exist for a website, it is advised to use 301 redirects.
Wrapping Up
So that was a list of 5 common blunders committed by Joomla developers. If you too are a Joomla coder handling a variety of Joomla development projects, it is better to make a good note of all these mistakes that can adversely affect the overall performance of your work. Hope the details mentioned within this blog would have helped you get a clear idea about the major mistakes that can hamper the smooth implementation of your Joomla web development projects.

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