Monday, 5 May 2014

Hire Magento Development Services for creating 100% secure websites

As an incredibly wonderful CMS, Magento has been powering web portals related to different industries. Backed by an easy-to-use administrative interface, professional Magento development services have served as the best means of developing websites that need to target a specific group of audience. With security becoming a major point of concern among website owners, Magento is the CMS that eradicates all your worries regarding the 100% hacker-free nature of your corporate website. In this blog, I'll walk you through the security advantages of powering your website with Magento CMS(Content Management System).
Magento's latest version comes with zero bugs and security fixes
Magento Development Services
When hiring a trained Magento developer, make sure to opt for the one who's has had already worked on multiple Magento website development projects in the previous years. Yet another point that needs to be look into is whether the Magento expert is using the latest version of the software tool. This is important because all the latest versions of Magento software program are bug-free and come with security fixes that affirm the 100% secure nature of the final Magento website. Once your website has been created, it is your responsibility to update your site as soon as possible whenever a new version is being launched in the web market.
Magento lets you customize the administrative dashboard path
Unlike in the case of other Content Management Systems(CMSs), with Magento you can easily customize the path for the administrative dashboard. Doing this will make it difficult for the attackers to try and breach your site. Since you'll be the only person knowing the path for the administrative section, an unauthorized access would be restricted as a whole.
Magento comes with an array of extensions/plugins/modules
When you choose to hire expert Magento developer, make it a point to check whether the developer is well familiar with the techniques of leveraging maximum potential of all the built-in modules, extensions and plugins. Magento software program comes with a plethora of modules, extensions and plugins that are especially designed for incorporating security features into the Magento website. With more than 7500 extensions available in the Magento Connect Extension Marketplace, it becomes quite convenient for you to choose the ones that will fit the security concerns of your Magento web portal. While some of these extensions are available for free, you'll have to pay a marginal price for the others. The selection of Magento security extensions must be made only after analyzing the target audience and the overall reach of your website.
Magento's Object Oriented Codebase adds to its secure nature
The object oriented code base of Magento plays a vital role in ensuring the secure nature of Magento powered websites. This aspect is also responsible for the built-in security features that are imbibed into Magento from the very first day of its launch. Unlike Magento, the web development software programs that include procedural codebase are more prone to hacker attacks and major security breaches. Although Magento system is a bit complex, its object oriented codebase makes it the number one choice of people looking for building completely secure websites and web applications. 

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