Thursday, 4 June 2015

Best Plugins That Can Heighten Your WordPress Security

No doubt, WordPress is a popular web development platform that is admired for its amazing features, including great customization, useful plugins, beautiful themes and a lot more. However, it can't be denied that there are several other options that make a better choice than WP as far as the web security is concerned.

Fortunately, there are solutions available to efficiently combat the WP security issues. There are several web development companies that offer valuable WordPress development services at competitive prices. You can choose a suitable service and make your site secure from hackers by letting experts work on your site security.

With firewall protection and additional security, you can always help you ensure a secure website. Here are some of the best plugins available in the WP repository that can augment your site security.

1. iTheme Security

One can protect his site in various ways by using iTheme Security plugin, formerly popular as Better WP Security. It basically comes with hole patches and prevents automated attacks to impact the site. Moreover, it also runs a strong verifying protocol to further buttress user credentials. The plugin is extremely easy to use, as most of its features get activated with just one mouse click; thus, making it a great choice for novice users. However, it is also loaded with advanced features that can be configured by experienced users.

There are numerous prolific features of this plugin. A few of them include,

  • Handle crucial tasks like system scanning conveniently from the intuitive Dashboard widget.
  • Tracking users' action like content editing, logging in or out.
  • The integrated Google reCAPTCHA helps protect the website form spammers.
  • With malware scanning, it auto checks URL and files that are stacked for a specified schedule and auto scans the complete website.

2. All In One WP Security & Firewall

This is yet another brilliant WP plugin that employs a slew of excellent security practices. This plugin has been built with a great precision and is supported appropriately to create an easy-to-use and legible plugin. It will surely take your web security to a notch higher. With this plugin, you can perform tasks by implementing the integrated Brute Force Login Prevention feature. This cookie-based feature will block all the login attempts made by bots or individuals.

Furthermore, the plugin also seeks the suspicious IP addresses and hosts to fetch the complete details. It also includes a scanner to detect a file change and generate alerts to notify if any file has been changes in your system. Moreover, it also determines the IP addresses that are consistently generating SPAM comments so that you can block them and prevent spamming. You can further customize this plugin and improve its functionalities. However, to accomplish it smoothly, expertise in web development is required. Therefore, it is recommended to hire WordPress developer and efficiently accomplish the task.

3. BulletProof Security

The Bulletproof Security plugin is also a remarkable WP security plugin that is loaded with numerous useful features that can be accessed with just a mouse click. It is easy to configure and integrates several resourceful security features on a site to ensure a highly secure website. Some of its features include Security Logging, UI Theme Skin Changer, DB Backup Logging and a lot more.

Get the most suitable plugin installed on your WordPress website and improve your site security from malware and vulnerabilities.