Thursday, 27 August 2015

5 Recommended Ways to Make a WordPress Website Faster

Building a good WordPress website requires paying due consideration to several determinants, such as a good theme, unique and relevant content to name a few. But, none of this matters if your site can't even load properly. The speed of a site plays a crucial role in delivering a positive online experience to visitors, and thereby help in keeping your visitors engaged with your site. A slow loading site, on the other hand, increases user frustration and can hurt your SEO rankings as well as sales. Below are a few tips that will help make your WordPress website faster:

1. Clean and Valid Code

Messy code can increase the load time of your website considerably, since it makes indexing difficult for search engine bots. Besides, invalid code makes the browser render your page incorrectly, which ultimately slows down the page loading time. And so, you need to ensure that your website contains clean and semantic code elements. But, if coding isn't your thing, it is better to hire WordPress developer having sound programming knowledge. Also, make sure that your service provider is proficient at writing semantic code. 

2. Carefully Select Your Theme

Most of the pre-made themes contains faulty code and unnecessary bloat, which can slow down a website. And so, it would be better to opt for any premium themes since they are updated quite often, and thus help fix security patches (some of which might be a result of poor coding).

Another factor you should consider when selecting a theme is to avoid picking one that contains too many elements and components, including superfluous parallax effect, integration with more than needed social media sites and so on.

3. Select a Good Web Host
For start-ups and small business organizations, opting for a shared hosting plan seems a good bargain. However, it can make you invest more than planned. Especially, if you are running a high traffic site, then such a plan will make your website load slowly. In fact, it will can lead to frequent downtime of your website. Needless to say, occasional downtime can infuriate your customers and tarnish your image. As a result, they might not even choose to visit your site again.

So, be sure that you are selecting the right web host for your site. Albeit, it may cost you a little more but will certainly prove a good choice in the long run.

4. Remove Unused Plugins

One of the major reasons that makes WordPress a widely preferred CMS is because of the tons of plugins it offers. Each plugin can help you meet practically every need of your site, ranging from optimizing your site for search engines, to creating a backup of your site, keeping it protected against vulnerabilities and so on. In case, you are new to WordPress and are planning to set up a website on this platform, then you might become overwhelmed with the ample number of plugins available online.

However, having too many plugins, including ones that you don't require can slow down your website load time. So, do make certain to remove any unwanted (and unused) plugins from your site.

5. Look For The Plugins That Affects Your Website Speed

Chances are that you have installed a plugin that is making your site to run slowly. And so, it is important to find out the plugin that is causing such problem. One best way to do so is to use the P3 (i.e. Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin. The plugin helps in finding out those plugins that increases the load time of your site. It even provides a report about the performance of your website.


Is your WordPress website running slowly? There could be numerous reasons behind the slow load time of your site, however, reading this article will help you learn about 5 of the most common yet important factors that can cause a site to load slowly.

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