Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pick worthy Web Design and Development Trends Making Waves Right Now.

If you stay glued to the web world, then you probably have observed how fast the web has evolved over the last few years. Many new technologies have come into existence, while several old ones have evolved, giving developers the wherewithal to create immersive web experiences. In fact, many changes have been introduced in the process of creating web designs. All these changes are expected to have a significant impact on the future of online business, and most importantly, the web.

Let us have a look at the top 3 trends that will influence the design and development industry in 2015:

1. Responsive Design Will Gain More Prominence

However, there are still many site owners that are yet to adopt the responsive design approach. If you're one of them, then it's high time that you should create one or else you may lose your search engine ranking. You can choose to create a responsive layout for your site on your own if you have good coding skills. If not, then it is advised that you should hire a WordPress developer to get your job done.

Commonly referred to as the search engine giant, Google has been making continuous efforts to promote the use of responsive web design (a.k.a RWD) in a bid to improve the online experience of mobile users. And its latest update seems to have struck the right chord. Simply put, it has pushed website owners to turn their existing website into a responsive one. 

However, there are still many site owners that are yet to adopt the responsive design approach. If you're one of them, then it's high time that you should create one or else you may lose your search engine ranking.

2. Mobile Websites Will Look More Like Apps

The days have passed, when had access to a small number of apps and businesses weren't serious about having an app. At present, mobile applications have become an important part of our life. In fact, you'll find millions of apps available in the app store and many more are being developed quite frequently.

Apart from apps, the demand for mobile websites is also on the rise. A mobile website is just like any standard website that contains a browser-based HTML pages – that can be accessed via a mobile device. However, the main distinction between a mobile site and a standard one is that the former is aimed for small-size devices.

So, when it comes to choosing between an app and a mobile website, users often become perplexed and confused. Noticeably, both of them are important in today's mobile dominated web world. However, with advancements in browser technology, pretty soon developers will be able to integrate hardware capabilities of a native app into mobile browsers. This means that, it won't be too long when mobile websites will look and function exactly like native applications, while making the content accessible on the all the devices.

In a nutshell, in the distant future the difference between an app and a mobile site will disappear. You can even find websites that look like an app, for example, The Next Web website re-design appears to be just like an app:

3. Demand For Parallax Designs Will Continue to Rise

Parallax effect was one of the hottest design trend of 2014, and continues to be one of the favorite trend of web designers. After all, it helps make a website look interactive and engaging, which is something that every online surfer seeks from a site.

The growing need for parallax design has resulted in the rise of dynamic storytelling.
Every site has some story to tell, however, their content isn't laid out in storytelling fashion. But, thanks to parallax layouts, designers and developers can create webpages that creates 3D effects as user scrolls down the page, giving them a feeling that they're reading a story.

With parallax designs, you can add several graphical elements such as animations and several others that can accessed by users without having to reload the page. 

Are you a web designer or a developer? Well, then it's important for you to learn about the web trends that will continue to influence the web world in the coming years. Doing so, will help you create strategies to come up with result-driven solutions for your customers. No doubt, the future of web world cannot be predicted, but observing the on-going trends, can definitely help you prepare yourself for the challenges that you'll probably come across – when working on a web design or development project.




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